Friday, April 20, 2018

Status of Reed Ecological Design for 2018

Welcome to Spring, the 2018 edition!  The average last date of frost annually in Ann Arbor, Michigan is April 28th!  I am no meteorologist, but this year, the last date of frost might occur later, as this Spring has seemed relatively cool.  Despite the weather, folks sometimes around now go seeking a gardener and think about upcoming projects in their yard.  So, by chance those folks visit my blog before contacting me, I wanted to update you all about my status.

I am NOT taking new clients currently as I am mostly a stay-at-home dad who gardens on the weeknights and weekends!  I expect to have possibly too much work from my existing clients...especially considering my family has another baby arriving in ~July.

A couple caveats to the above:
  • If your project involves converting an area (especially a lawn area) to a native plant prairie, that is something in which I am particularly interested.  And I would be super glad to come meet you.  Please let me know.
  • My stay-at-home position will only be necessary for perhaps a few more years.  Eventually, I plan to return to being a full-time gardener/small business owner, and have a crew working with me.  So, please consider me in the future.  I plan to certainly update my status here on my blog.  Please email me if you would like an email notification when this comes to pass.

Photo taken April 20th, 2018 in my backyard.  This specimen of Jacob's Ladder (Polemnium reptans, in the Polemoniaceae family) is possibly the best looking thing in my yard today.  I planted this plug from Wildtype Native Plant Nursery last year.

Lastly, thank you for seeking me out and reading my blog.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to contact me.